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Note: We started on August 21, 2023.
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So Why Haven't You Written That Book Yet?

The biggest misconceptions that people use as excuses.

1) "I don't have the time."

You don’t need to hide in a cabin in the woods for a year to write a book.
All you need is 45 minutes per day. You can manage that, right?

2) "I'm not a great writer."

You don’t have to be a great writer to write a great book.
I’ll show you some simple strategies you can use to articulate the wisdom of your soul in a clear, engaging way.
If you're already a good writer or you've written a book, this will take you to the next level.

3) "I have other priorities."

If you were to be given 6 months to live, wouldn’t you want to leave a book here on Earth?
Here’s a little secret too...
You don’t have to sacrifice anything to write a book.
And I’ll show you how you can use a book to feed everything else in your life.

4) "It's too overwhelming."

Writing a book is only overwhelming if you don’t have a clear path with guidance and support.

Introducing: Divine Write

90 day group program with the support and guidance you need to write your book.This is not a bland, cookie cutter system. We're going to have fun doing it, and approach the process in a way where it will build dozens of others skills at once and help you grow as a person.


Learn and apply the 4 steps to writing a book, advanced writing strategies and more. You will also get individualized guidance in our weekly Q&A's.


Receive the support you need to write and publish your book. Get feedback on your ideas.
Join a community of like-minded people.


Leverage the power of group energy committed to a goal.
In this 90 day program, you will get more done in 90 days than you could ever imagine.

What Makes This Different?

Divine Write is NOT just cheap tricks and tactics regurgitated to you.
It's a spiritual rite of passage.

Not only will you write a book. You will also address the CORE BLOCKS you have around writing and long-term projects (and how they relate to other areas of your life).

You will learn how to...

  • Write from the heart

  • Articulate the wisdom of your soul

  • Overcome overwhelm

  • Heal your inner critic

  • Stop being so damn in your head

...and that's on top of learning how to write a book and upgrade your writing ability.

Program Details

  • 90 day group program

  • 12 weekly live calls via Zoom (90 minutes each)

  • Membership portal with recordings, bonus content and resources

  • Guided writing sessions (recordings to help you get into flow state)

  • One 1:1 call with me (see below)

12 Week Journey (Sneak Peek)

  • Week 1: Refine your outline and establish a writing ritual

  • Week 2: Learn the foundations of effective writing

  • Week 3: Take your writing to the next level

  • Week 4: Get feedback on your writing to optimize your direction

  • Week 5: Never get stuck again with your writing

  • Week 6: Access flow state to write better (and more)

  • Week 7: Learn the 4 lenses of editing your book

  • Week 8: Find out the best ways to publish a book in 2023 and beyond

  • Week 9: Activate authentic, heart-centered marketing

  • Week 10: Learn how to build a loyal tribe of readers

  • Week 11: Put together a simple launch plan you’ll follow through with

  • Week 12: Learn how to use your book to build a brand


Divine Write Workbook

A workbook to accompany the whole Divine Write program

Metaphysics of Copywriting Workbook

8 Deep Principles to Write in a Way That Engages & Inspires

Life Purpose Audit Worksheet

Practice to gain clarity around your life purpose

One 1:1 Call

One 90 minute call with me to support your book writing process

Book Description Formula

A proven template to write a captivating book description

Writing Prompt Master List

List of 50+ prompts to help inspire your writing

Summary Of Everything You Get

  • 12 weekly live calls via Zoom (90 minutes each)

  • Membership portal with all recordings

  • Master resource document

  • Guided writing sessions

  • Bonus #1: One 1:1 call with me

  • Bonus #2: Divine Write Workbook

  • Bonus #3: Metaphysics of Copywriting Workbook

  • Bonus #4: Life Purpose Audit

  • Bonus #5: Book Description Formula

  • Bonus #6: Writing Prompt Master List

These 90 Days Just Might Change Your Life...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?Divine Write is for spiritually-inclined leaders. I would consider anyone who has a deep calling to positively change the world is a spiritually-inclined leader.Your book does not have to be specifically about spirituality. Just know that we will be leveraging meditation and other spiritual practices during this program.Do I need to be a good writer already?No, you don't have to be a good writer already. As long as you commit to 45 minutes per day and follow some simple guidelines, you'll be able to write your book.Are you going to publish my book?No, I am not a publisher. However, you will receive all of the guidance and resources you need to publish your book in the best way for you.Can I join if I already wrote a book?If you already wrote a book, Divine Write will help you take your writing to the next level and write your next book.Do I have to be writing a book?The great thing about this structure is that — while it's focused on books — you can apply it to any long-form project that involves writing (oracle decks, newsletter series, essays, etc).Are there refunds?Since this is a live program with a specific start and end date, there will be no refunds once the program starts.How much does it cost?The investment for the second iteration of Divine Write will be announced soon.Is it worth it?I’ve co-organized in person mastermind groups for 4 days for $10,000 per person. This is a much longer and more in depth program, for less than half of the price.How much time is required?45 minutes per day to write your book. Plus 90 minutes per week for our group calls. No matter how busy you are, you can make this happen if you prioritize it.How do I join?Apply through the button below.

10 Reasons To Write A Book

  1. Builds authority and expertise like nothing else

  2. Creates a legacy

  3. A book is THE BEST business card (think about it)

  4. A book is also the best resume item

  5. You get to share your wisdom

  6. It’s a revenue stream

  7. It leads people to other offerings you have

  8. Builds so many skills at once (writing, healthy habits, focus, attention span, intuition, flow state, self-confidence, self-awareness, etc)

  9. Helps people on a deep level

  10. Contributes to the New Earth creator economy

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